Mike DeMarino

Mike DeMarino is a Rochester, Minnesota, native who has had a passion for collecting coins for over 40 years and has worked in the coin industry for the last 9.

With knowledgeable staff and a passion for our work, Med City Coin and Bullion is your go-to local coin shop. We host a plethora of services that include the buying and selling of collectors coins, precious metals, paper money, and everything a collector needs.

Not a collector, but want/need to sell your gold and silver? Look no further! We buy all sorts of precious metals. Med City Coin and Bullion can assist you with selling your gold and silver.

Featured Testimonial:

"I have been to Med City Coin a couple times and I will be back. Mike has made his shop welcoming for beginners and advanced collector. And for people of all ages as I bring my family there. He answers all of our questions and gives you honest answers. There is no pressure to buy the highest $$$ items as he wants you to have the items you want and are intrested in. Mike has a lot of knowledge and is willing to share. So if you have any question I wouldn't hesitate to just stop into his shop and talk!"

-Amanda B.